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Entre Rios Province Map, Argentina
From: Instituto Geográfico Militar

The province of Entre Ríos is located in the northeast of the country. Its limits are to the north with the province of Corrientes, the south limits with the province of Buenos Aires, the east with the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and the west with the province of Santa Fe. The city of Paraná (provincial capital).
                 Because of its natural beauty the territory of Entre Rios is ideal for developing tourism, it houses species such as the deer axis and the wild boar. It offers tourism for sport hunting. The hunter must comply with the regulations and show the corresponding license for this type of activity (the license must be granted by the Directorate General of Natural Resources, Forestation and Alternative Economies).

The province is divided into 17 departments.

  1. Concordia
  2. Diamante
  3. Fedración
  4. Federal
  5. Feliciano
  6. Gualeguay
  7. Gualeguaychú
  8. Islas del Ibicuy
  9. La Paz
  10. Nogoyá
  11. Paraná
  12. dSan Salvador
  13. Tala
  14. Uruguay
  15. Victoria
  16. Villaguay