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Costa Rica Detailed Map

The Republic of Costa Rica is a country in Central America. With a territorial area of 51,100 kmĀ², it borders Nicaragua to the North, the Caribbean Sea to the East, Panama to the Southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the West. According to the human development index of 2016 is the fifth best in Latin America, it is considered the happiest, ecological, green and sustainable state of the whole planet (Happy Planet Index 2016). The territorial division of Costa Rica comprises 7 Provinces divided into 82 Cantons and these in turn subdivided into 471 Collegiate Districts.

Tourism is the main source of foreign exchange income for the Costa Rican economy. It stands out as the most visited destination of the isthmus, ecotourism is extremely popular with foreign tourists who visit the vast amount of national parks and protected areas that exist throughout the country. The country offers sun, beach, jungle, mountain, adventure, ecotourism, community rural tourism, and presents potential in the areas of sports, wellness and health, fashion and meeting tourism.