Satellite Image, Photo of Brazil's Southern Atlantic Coastline, August 18 2003

Satellite Image, Photo of Brazil's Southern Atlantic Coastline

From: Municipalidad de Carmen de Areco

Brazil's southern states stretch along the Atlantic coastline in this Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image taken on August 18, 2003. As South America's largest nation, Brazil shares borders with every South American country expect Chile and Ecuador. Visible in this image are Paraguay (top left), Argentina (center left), and Uruguay (bottom left). Multiple fires (red dots) are also shown in the image.

Wide grasslands called "pampas" cover much of Southern Brazil and Argentina. Gauchos, the Brazilian equivalent of a cowboy, tend herds of cattle grazing on the pampas. Extending north from the border of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil is the Parana River. On the point where the three countries meet, the Iguaca Falls tumbles into the Parana River in a stunning series of 275 waterfalls of heights ranging from 40 to 80 meters. Called Iguaca Falls, the site became an Unesco Natural Heritage of Mankind site in 1986. "Iguaca" means "great waters" in the language of the Guarani Indians.

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