Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Doce, Brazil, January 1998

Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Doce, Brazil

From: NASA

Rio Doce, Brazil January 1998. The dark terrain in the center of the image is a heavily forested area that has numerous small lakes (very dark features) scattered throughout. The main river that winds along the east side of the forested landscape is the northeasterly flowing Rio Doce. The Rio Doce merges with another river near the right edge of the image where the two industrial cities of Coronel Fabriciano and Ipatinga (lighter colored area) can be identified. These towns are located approximately 100 miles (150 kilometers) east of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state. There is a pattern of paralleling, north-south trending faults throughout the landscape to the east of the forested region.

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