Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Sao Francisco, Northeast Brazil, August 1985

Satellite Image, Photo of Rio Sao Francisco, Northeast Brazil
From: NASA

Rio São Francisco, Northeast Brazil August 1985. This photograph shows a section of the Rio São Francisco in northeast Brazil and the small town of Bom Jesus da Lapa (note the two straight roads coming together in a 90-degree angle on the east side of the river, near the center of this photograph). Large rectangular agricultural field patterns can be observed near the center of the photograph along the west side of the river. Because of the size of this agricultural pattern, this area is probably a plantation and the crop is likely sugarcane. Numerous smoke plumes are visible in the photograph, possibly indicating that more land is being prepared for agriculture. In addition to other fairly large field patterns in this scene, many smaller field patterns are also clearly visible. The Rio São Francisco floodplain is seen as a narrow swath of land immediately east and west of the river. Sandbars (highly reflective areas in the river) are visible. It should be noted that this particular area is included in the general northeast region of Brazil that is subject to extensive periods of drought.

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