Satellite Image, Photo of Guajira Peninsula, Colombia, August 1992

Satellite Image, Photo of Guajira Peninsula, Colombia

From: NASA

Guajira Peninsula, Colombia August 1992. The long, semi-arid Guajira Peninsula can be seen in the northeast-looking view. The peninsula, an extension of the eastern Andes Mountains, is 80 miles (128 km) long and 30 to 60 miles (48 to 97 km) wide. To the left of the peninsula is the Caribbean Sea, and to the right is the Gulf of Venezuela. Hills ranging in elevation in excess of 2100 feet (641 meters) are discernible near the northeastern end of the peninsula. The long narrow straight white-colored line extending from near the bottom center of the image to a point near Bolivar Bay, and the port city of Bolivar (not discernible) at the left center of the image, is a railroad. Near the upper right portion of the image, the resort island of Aruba is discernible. The western tip of Paraguana Peninsula of Venezuela is visible midway between the upper right and right center of the image.

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