Satellite Image, Photo of Nipe Bay, Holguin Province, Cuba, July 1997

Satellite Image, Photo of Nipe Bay, Holguin Province, Cuba

From: NASA

Nipe Bay, Cuba July 1997. Nipe Bay (large, dark embayment) is located near the eastern end of the island and along the northeast coast of Cuba. According to published environmental reports this bay has a recent history of contamination from sewage and industrial waste runoff. Faint discolorations within the bay indicate that runoff seems to be entering the water from several different sources. The lighter terrain that is partially obscured by scattered clouds within the darker landscape south to southeast of the bay shows an extensive area of mining operations. This mining activity includes a wide range of alloy minerals—specifically manganese and nickel. The darker features are the western end of a forested mountain range, known as the Sierra de Micaro that is found along the extreme northeast coast of Cuba. Several sizable reservoirs (dark, irregular-shaped features) can be identified within the extensive agricultural lands west of the mountains.

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